Rythm for
  • health.
  • movement.
  • sport.
  • well-being.
  • music.
  • research.

We develop an ecosystem of rhythm-based applications to assess and train rhythmic abilities.

Benoit Bardy and Guillaume Tallon holding a bank check

A blooming start-up

Founded by 7 doctors in Neurosciences, Movement Sciences, Medicine and Computer Sciences, beatHealth places rhythm at the heart of its Health and Wellness projects. The company maintains fruitful collaborations with multiple research and R&D teams in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.

International Collaborations
Scientific Publications

An ecosystem of applications

beatHealth proposes 4 applications that address the entire care pathway: From evaluation and training of rhythmic abilities to assistive walking through music.

They trust us

Throughout its history and achievements, beatHealth has created a dense international network of companies and research laboratories, both in the private and public sectors, all leaders in their fields.


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