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beatHealth in a nutshell

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Rhythm is at the heart of all our projects. Neuroscience has improved our understanding of the perception and motor production of rhythms, as well as their influence on our brain. As brain structures that allow us perceive rhythms are also those that enable us to move, a therapeutic opportunity opens up. The use of adapted rhythms can indeed counteract the deleterious effects of certain pathologies as well as those of aging which alter our motor skills. beatHealth develops innovative technologies that restore motor skills by training rhythmic abilities.

Our storyAn extraordinary adventure

beatHealth is the result of a multitude of encounters bringing together scientists and entrepreneurs passionate about the world of rhythms.

A history of collaborations

It is in 2010 that the paths of the future founders of beatHealth crossed for the first time.

Dr. Simone Dalla Bella's team, which had been working on the first tests for synchronization and rhythm perception, aimed at integrating these tests into a unique tool, and developed the BAASTA (Battery for the Assessment of Auditory Sensorimotor and Timing Abilities). He then met NaturalPad (incubated in the EuroMov research center) and together they obtained an ERDF grant for the development of the BAASTA on a touch tablet.

Following these developments, NaturalPad continued the work on rhythm with Simone and together they released a first version of RhythmWorkers, a rhythm game for improving rhythmic abilities.

First steps of beatMove

beatMove, one of our digital solutions, originates from the Beat-Health European project. Funded by the European Union (€2.9 millions), this research project united 5 partners across Europe (University of Montpellier, Montpellier Academic Hospital, University of Ghent, University of Maynooth, Tecnalia Foundation) with the aim to exploit the close link between music and movement, in order to boost sports performance and improve health and wellness of users.

The benefits of a music adapted to the gait of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease was demonstrated and led to the development of a musical walking assistance application, beatMove.

beatHealth's birth

At the end of the European project, Valérie Cochen de Cock, Benoît Bardy, Simone Dalla Bella and Loïc Damm sought to make the digital solution accessible to users and healthcare professionals.

The collaboration with NaturalPad became obivous: beatHealth was founded in August 2021 and quickly offers an ecosystem of products that combines rhythm and health.

Our commitments

Our business philosophy

Scientific Rigor

We base our developments on reliable and verified research.


Our projects are designed with the end users to best meet their needs.


We develop our solutions with associations and healthcare professionals.


We are committed to providing honest information about our developments.


The benefits on user’s health motivate our team at 200%.


We make a point of working in a tolerant and respectful environment.

The Scientific Council

The scientific brains

beatHealth is a Young University Company founded by 7 doctors in Neurosciences, Movement Sciences, Medicine and Computer Science.

  • Valérie Cochen de Cock

    Valérie Cochen de Cock

    Ph D. in NeurosciencesDirector of the Sleep and Neurology Department

    Valérie is a doctor in neurology and the director of the sleep and neurology department at the Beausoleil Clinic (Montpellier).

  • Loïc Damm

    Loïc Damm

    CTOPh D. in Neurosciences

    Loïc is a doctor in neuroscience and focuses his research on the coordination of human movements (multisensory perception & rehabilitation), biomechanics and physiology of sport.

  • Guillaume Tallon

    Guillaume Tallon

    CEOPh D. in Human Movement Science

    Guillaume is beatHealth’s CEO. During his postdoc (2014-2015) on Beat-Health European project he met Benoit Bardy and Simone Dalla Bella.

  • Charles-Étienne Benoit

    Charles-Étienne Benoit

    Ph D. in Psychology

    Charles-Étienne is a doctor in psychology and has written a thesis entitled "Music in aid of Parkinson's disease". He participated in the development of BAASTA.

  • Antoine Seilles

    Antoine Seilles

    Ph D. in Computer Sciences

    Antoine has obtained his doctorate in computer science in 2012 before founding NaturalPad where he’s the company CEO since 2013.

  • Simone Dalla Bella

    Simone Dalla Bella

    Co-director of the BRAMSPh D. in Neuropsychology

    Simone is a doctor in experimental neuropsychology for over 20 years. It is an initiative of BAASTA (Battery for the Assessment of Auditory Sensorimotor and Timing Abilities).

  • Benoit Bardy

    Benoit Bardy

    Founder of EuromovPh D. in Neurosciences

    Founder of EuroMov, Benoît is a professor of Movement and Health Sciences at the University of Montpellier as well as an expert for the European Commission.

Our team

A dynamic and passionate team

We are proud and motivated by the idea that our work has meaning and an impact on the well-being and health of users.